Ath's software collection


This page lists the software and tools I'm publishing here.



A tool to send keystrokes and/or mouseclicks to an application that is running, or can be started on demand if found not running yet. Description and download.

WinButtons and WinButtonEdit

Display a set of context-sensitive (large) buttons, that can start applications or send commands (using WinSendKeys), to be used with a touchscreen. Description and download.


Convert rows of Excel data into a html table or a set of html files, using a template, for use as a Mail Merge tool. Description and download.


Inno Setup include module to install several prerequisites for your application(s) during install, like .NET 1.1 to 4.0, VC++2010, SQL Server 2008 R2 Express edition, and some more. Description and download


Display and optionally print all available paper input trays for all printers installed on the current (Windows) system. Description and download


Count Lines/Dialogues per Actor/Character from provided script-files (.rtf, .doc. .docx, .txt, .pdf) and produce a nicely formatted MS Excel sheet (.xls, .xlsx) from the results. Description and download


AMDER: Actor Missing Dialogue Error Report, a specifically crafted registration and reporting tool. Description and download


KeepUpApp is a tool to keep your applications and services running, where they may be stopping/crashing for undetermined reasons. Description and download


SedTester lets you test a sed expression on some input text, showing the result text. (Auto-updated after 1 second of inactivity). Description and download